35 Must Have PC Utilities for Boost User Experience

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In our techno, progressive and modish present era, technology in every field of life especially in the personal computers has been so advanced that we need a large number of things and be necessary to use numerous hardware and software to get the output according to our desires and requirements. As the computers are very intelligent, user friendly and most up-to-date device, we have exercise a lot of apps to utilize our systems. In this background, among all the apps utilized by us, some of them are mandatory to use and automatically installed by the operating systems while some of them should be installed manually by us to get hold of our work in a perfect approach.

After using your computer regularly, sometimes you ought to realized that it is not performing like before and its working is not up to the mark, it doesn’t put forward that you require the latest model of your system but you just be required to bring into play a number of PC System Utilities function which repairs its hard drives, maintains hard space and generates vacant room on the hard disk, cleans registry errors and optimize system processes and you’ll notice that your computer is sprinting like a cheetah. These bunches of apps will look after your system and resolved issues related to the performance of the system automatically and you do not need to do any kind of work with them by physically. Here is the detail of some of the most used and appreciated PC Utilities which you must have for boost up your experiences and they can be very cooperative with you as well.

1 – CleanMyPC


Most of the MAC application developers and creative designers are not admirer of Windows but MacPaw is amongst those exceptional developers who construct software for both the MAC and Windows as well. They introduced an amazing app called “CleanMyMac” for Mac users and also dedicated their skills to develop an app “CleanMyPC” for Windows users. By the means of the use of this remarkable software, you can easily search out purge of system garbage, applications snippets superfluous files in a very short time on the spot.

This app is a very simple and easy to install and utilize as well as occupied with complete features of Windows continuance and onslaught elucidation. Its free trial version is available and on the other hand, if you want to take full advantage of it, then you have to purchase it.

2 – Ashampoo®WinOptimizer 9

Ashampoo®WinOptimizer 9

If your system is slow and consume some extra time to open files then you don’t need to be worried for the reason that Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 is an immense component to free your computer from redundant records and services. Due to its spontaneous consumer interface, it has become very effortless and simple to exercise. This awesome app provides a lot of sections that perform different task such as check for errors, determination of the health status, analyze utilization of several elements of the computer and de-fragmentation. To boost your system you can turn some apps on when required and turn off when you don’t need them with the services of this outstanding app.

3 – Avanquest Fix-It Utilities

Avanquest Fix-It Utilities

If you are looking for PC revamps, maintenance way out and check for inaccuracies, the whole thing is available in one ultimate app “Fix-It Utilities”. You have the facility of taking full control of your system by the means of the assistance of inclusive indicative assessments with just one-click which increases your computer’s performance like a new one. Their outstanding features consist of 400% quicker registry optimizer, identification of system slowdowns, speed up Windows, and prevent PC freezes along with crashes.

Another different and pleasant addition of this fabulous app is the incorporated PC fortification tools which protects and provides shield to your PC from interruption of malware to root kits and viruses for the reason that “Fix-It” continue to work 24/7.

4 – Norton 360

Norton 360

This is an eventual antivirus and internet security provider with a great efficiency and powerful results providing feature. Norton 360 proposes absolute defense, ultra-quick internet exposure coating, preservation and enhancing instruments to keep up and maintain the desktop guzzling all along. After installing this excellent app to your system, you are allowed to do anything online whatever you want to do, knowing the reality that you are totally safe and secure from viruses and other harmful elements because Norton has a dominant risk deletion stratum which targets and abolishes even the very strong to eliminate contagions. It utilizes SONAR technology and round the clock live monitoring which observes threats on your PC for any doubtful activities that make your system safe and sound.

5 – System Mechanic

System Mechanic

System Mechanic is an incredible and one of the most generally used apps having a lot of utilities for the best beneficial of your system. Its new version is introduced with marvelous improvements of performance and competencies of the apps in it. It automatically enhances gaming experience, software operations, PC startup and internet speed. Regardless of all the above characteristics, this tool is authoritative as much as necessary to wipe out the chat history and receptive internet temporary files in addition to the ability to get rid of more than 50 types of odds and ends and useless files to make your computer faster and cleaner. It can also be used as a doctor of the PC because it can identify and secure above than 30000 unusual computer problems.

6 – Auslogics Disk Defrag

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Scrupulous purpose equipment but this is a significant tool when we speak concerning desktop tuning up. Computer’s performance can be increased with the utilization of Auslogics Disk Defrag app by managing and defragmenting your files on the hard disk drives. It combines spread portions of free space into one adjacent block as well as it can also carry on this procedure of defragmenting like a ghost in the background without any difficulty.

It has the ability of re-arranging a distinct directory or file. By this process, system files are placed automatically to the faster part of the disk which reduces the accessing time to these files and computer will perform faster than before.

7 – TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities

It is the well-known and recognized name in the market which includes a great package of boosting up the system and cleaning the unwanted files to work more quickly and efficiently. It includes one of the most widespread toolkits for modification every portion of the desktop. There is a big feature “Live Optimization” which has the ability to crackdown the sketches left behind by almost every single web browsers.

It eliminates thousands of temporary files and gigabytes of out of work files and makes PC to run more rapidly and more consistent. It automatically gets rid of browser traces and guards your confidentiality. It point out the programs which exactly slow down your PC and permits you to place resource overwhelming software on standby to amplify performance straight away.

8 – Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager

To enhance and improve the hard disk capability in a very simple approach, Paragon Partition Manager helps you to resize the disk and create partitions according to your desire or needs. This exceptional app is one of its kinds and it will provide you an easy but comprehensive way that you don’t need to start up again the system to get the desired result of the process of resizing obtainable and it ensures protected working of significant functions.

This partition manager facilitates with a number of wizards such as Create, Resize, Format and Delete Partition Wizards with the compatibility of most recent and brand new software and hardware. It provides data consistency by the means of Paragon Power Shield technology; broaden partition exclusive of rebooting Windows with Paragon Hot Resize technology and shorten the backup method by sorting out the data from operating system.

9 – Kiwi Tools

Kiwi Tools

Kiwi Tools is a mixture of mini applications that can be used individually or in collection with others to assist you to enhance PC efficiency and effectiveness. Good thing about this marvelous app is that the majority of them are royalty free, stress-free, reliable, and fast. These collective tools monitor the application performance, system routine and network performance and automatically become aware of anything wrong and get rid of deficiencies and boost up the system.

A unique and brilliant element of this tool is “Kiwi Application Restarter” which can run and cease any software without any problem. Kiwi Admin starts with the system startup controlling all the Kiwi elements on the network and updates automatically on all computers connected via group network.

10 – Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities

It is basically a free of cost collection of more than 20 different software to acquire computers’ best and finest output through the utilizing all these apps which includes Disk Check, Uninstaller, Puran Startup Manager, Service Manager, Disk Cleaner, Delete Empty Folders, Fix Shortcuts, Registry Cleaner, Puran Defrag, Data Recovery, Wipe Disk, Shutdown Timer, Splitter, Delete History, Minimal PC, Batch Fix, Maintenance Wizard and lot of other useful mini tool.

This dazzling set of apps which are one of its types offers an automatic or one click way out to protect the system from errors and keep that one clean. You are able to divest yourself of unwanted and useless files, folders, software and set task to be performed automatically to enhance disk and system’s capability.

11 – Speccy


Speccy is an efficient and small but a very constructive tool to know about the entire system information. If you are trying to figure it out that what’s your computer has in it? Then this little app can definitely going to provide you all the related information. It indicates about the memory installed and slots available on the motherboard, gives detail of processor, graphic card and other components of the computer. It also helps you and gives fact when you are having trouble with any software or hardware fault or when you’re PC is very slow and you are not able to work properly.

12 – Listary


Wow, a unique alternate of windows explorer together with a number of links and options of instance access to your much loved files and folder with a lot of ease. This exclusive app combines everything at a glance on one-screen and you can access anything straightforward without scrolling or changing the open window. You are able to reach deeply nested folder and files just with a keystroke and recently used apps, software, files and folders are on your fingertips and last opened file will be highlighted to get quick view of it.

Whatever you want to be in the file explorer, Listary empowers you have all the features just according to your requirements. Your workings will definitely be speedy after getting all these characteristics.

13 – TabExplorer


As we all are regular users of Windows and very well familiar with its incredible software of Windows explorer, but we didn’t find any tab in Windows explorer and we have to open files or folders in another explorer to work out with. Web Browsers introduced this tab system which really boosted our workings and functions while in Windows, TabExplorer took all the credit to offer you the excellent solution of this hitch by providing tabs to the explorer and helped us to work more quickly, increase our productivity and to save our precious time. It has a simple and modernized user interface also auto runs when Windows starts and provides the guarantee of defense from adware, spyware and virus.

14 – xplorer 2

xplorer 2

Here comes another outstanding utility to compete with Windows Explorer in the form of xplorer 2 which is basically a kind of desktop manager fitting together with many things such as the speed, efficiency and simplicity of conventional twin panel traditional file managers. This astonishing app drags off a lot of effects smoothly without any effort such as preview, filter, search, organize, clean up files and color code which assists a lot to be creative with your source code, document, images, music and a number of other files.

Its royalty free trial version supports numerous functions for example like complete customizability, arranging large folders, daily control and efficiency, compatibility with 32 / 64 bits systems and uses a very little unnoticeable portion of system resources.

15 – Rainmeter


Comprises of both toolkit and application, Rainmeter is a most admired and well-known desktop customization app for Windows operating system. It improves the experience of Windows computer which is utilized at work or home with skins and comprehensive applets that hover without stinting on the desktop. If you check it in a bird’s eye view, you can see the useful information via Rainmeter skin which is very simple but comprehensive.

You are given the opportunity to observe every important notification and system resources such as battery power, memory, weather forecast, your online streaming and data which includes emails and RSS Feeds etc. This dazzling app utilizes a tiny part of RAM & CPU, take little space on disk and work perfectly almost in every operating system.

16 – FileHippo Update Checker

FileHippo Update Checker

If you have countless applications which are now outdated or not updated for a long time and you are tired of spending your valuable time searching for new versions of your already running software and updating them, then “FileHippo Update Checker” is a great relief for your headache. This update checker simply scans your system for installed applications, their currently used versions and compares this information with website “filehippo.com” to observe if there is any new version or releases related to your installed apps are available or not. If any update or new version is offered then it will mechanically update that app and your precious time will be saved routinely.

17 – CPUID


Make a visit to CPUID to be familiar with the basic reasons that which component of your computer’s hardware is choking the system. There are hundreds of mechanisms that are used to test each and every parameter of the hardware’s performance of the personal computers that do not check and examine in addition to solve the problems of the system thoroughly but thanks to this mind blowing app which monitors every single component in the CPU such as power consumed by the system and the currently degree of the temperature etc.

It consist of multiple small but useful apps like CPU-Z which gathers information from major devices of the system, HWMonitor controls and gives status for voltage, temperature and fan speed, TMonitor exhibits the dynamic clock of every core, PC Wizard provides much superior system information as compare to the offerings of the other apps available in the market.

18 – Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare

Do you want a complete and comprehensive analysis of your computer? Advance SystemCare conducts an ample system examination with the use of only single click user interface. It develops a secure online atmosphere by identifying online intimidations and unsafe websites that are harmful for the computer. It provides you ultimate shield against spywares, viruses, phishing and hackers, also your identity when you purchase something online and just with the help of a single click boots your system, clean discarded files and fixes almost every kind of computer problems. It is a very fast and light app and has a great compatibility with additional security providing software.

19 – NetGate Registry Cleaner

NetGate Registry Cleaner

If you are in a search of useful digital tool to get rid of activity traces, unwanted files and other similar stuff then you should try at least once the famous and well known app of NetGate Registry Cleaner. This awesome app defrags and cleans registry and enhances your PC’s performance in an easy and effective manner. It has startup manager to supervise the series of programs at Windows startup and also includes uninstall manager to eliminate software from your system.

You can also schedule different task according to your requirements such as schedule for scan process or option for backups for improved security. You can also create a backup of deleted files and apps which are stored automatically in this app’s store until you permanently delete the removed items and you can also restore these files at any time when to want.

20 – Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo Uninstaller Pro

If you are getting problem with uninstalling the software which you don’t need any more then Revo Uninstaller Pro take away your trouble for the reason that with the utilization of this wonderful software, you can easily uninstall any app without facing any difficulty. As you know that some software are difficult to uninstall from the “Add or Remove Programs” option available in Windows’ “Control Panel” that’s why you just have to turn to this miraculous app and get the job done.

Its amazing features include immediate installation monitor to support full uninstall,forced uninstall to eradicate obstinate programs, superior scanning process for snippets to delete miscellany of apps, multi-level backup system, auto run manager, browser cleaner and lot of other very useful characteristics which will make your working easy.

21 – CCleaner


CCleaner is a very modest and easy to exercise application in addition to a light windows registry cleaner tool that provide an enormous guard to your PC by protecting your privacy online and boosts up the performance of the computer without any effort. It is equipped with a lots of advance features which facilitate you to clean almost every spot of your system. It also removes temporary files, browsing history, cookies, index, auto complete form history, download history, and many other files created by every internet browser. It also keeps a keen eye on Windows Recycle Bin, Log files, unexploited and previous unwanted registry entries and recent documents and removes everything with just one click.

22 – Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker


Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a recognized and specialized app in tuning up and tweaking the desktops of the computer. It is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is able to recommend appropriate tweaks by detecting the precise edition of the operating system. It is confirmed that its latest updated version works excellent with Windows 8 as well. It is a freeware Tweak User Interface Utility for optimizing and enhancing windows performance.

This can be used as handy software to modify windows and programs according to your wants. This powerful app is capable to make the computer stable, quicker and more safe and sound with the performance of just a couple of mouse clicks having cautious tweaking.

23 – DAEMON Tools


This is one of the best apps amongst a variety of creative software having virtual mechanism and optical media emulation with a lot of functional, constructive and helpful features that are used for various applications and programs. This exceptional app provides you all the simple tools to make disc images with a large number of formats and imitating effective and unlimited CD \ DVD drives and Blue-ray disc images as well.

You have the option of making a single disc image or you can split that into multiple segments and you can also protect your created images with the help of your own designed password. Daemon Tools can handle your set of images and compose your selected disc formats to preferred file system such as UDF, ISO etc.

24 – UltraDefrag


Have you ever experience of a jumbled hard disc and a lot of scattered segments? For its perfect solutions, you must have UltraDefrag which can handle any cluttered hard disks and manage system files consisting of paging files and registry hives. This is a great tool to do this job done in a comfortable manner with speed, ease and reliability. It also support all the famous and mostly used hard disk drives formats like NTFS, FAT, FAT 32, exFAT etc and make certain that complete optimization of the drive should be accomplished and processes every file along with filtering of files by name, size and fragment count. You can schedule it or can stop it by giving the time limit to process and you are also able to view Graphical presentation of drive’s cluster chart.

25 – AVG PC TuneUp


For the key objective of the availability of freeware antivirus solution, AVG has become a domestic name and very popular all over the world and the company come up with other PC protection together with the performance administration software and among all the creative features, one of them is PC TuneUp. As far as AVG Antivirus concern, AVG PC TuneUp is not completely free but builds its value the “Price” by providing you a comprehensive and simple to exercise way out for your tribulations of system’s speed and removing unnecessary files. You can easily organize your required files and other important system files and are capable of enhancing computer’s performance by utilizing of this awesome tool.

26 – Comodo System Utilities

 Comodo System Utilities

You can acquire an immense amalgamation of Privacy Cleaner, Disk Cleaner and Registry Cleaner in one great system tune-up service powered by a PC Security Company in the shape of Comodo System Utilities. You can consume the maximum performance of your computer by exercising this app as it strives tough to extract the utmost supremacy of the PC. Its user interface is so simple and friendly for the prime purpose of understanding with a practical approach that explains how to clean and speed up your computer.

To keep the system very fast every time, the facility of “Active Clean” automatically repairs registry inaccuracies in real-time by running in the background. Its unique feature “SafeDelete” makes unintentional removal of files and apps a thing of past.

27 – FCleaner


Invalid registry files and entries, old and unused files and extra apps which are the cause of hurdle in the workings of PC and consuming a lot of disk space can be removes with the help of FCleaner. This remarkable tool inevitably tweaks the computer and permits your windows to enhance performance and run fast. It is well-designed as much as necessary to handle online privacy and security like the cookies left behind by the website and internet history, and the main advantage of this app is that it is available to you free of cost and does not include any adware or spyware.

28 – Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

Amongst the crown scoring system tweaking apps, Glary Utilities having a mixture of constructive tools that is obtainable to free your hard disk space, optimize internet speed, secure not to be disclosed files, fix persistent registry files, clean off clutters and advance your system with the excellent performance. It also blocks Trojans, adware and spywares etc with the help of its very simple, quick and comprehensible interface. This outstanding app consists of numerous modules such as one-click maintenance, clean-up and repair module, optimize and improve module, files and folders module, system tools module and privacy and security module, these modules perform various functions to enhance the capability to works of the computer.

29 – Raxco PerfectTools

Raxco PerfectTools

If you are in the need of a complete suite of performance tweaking apps which is capable to be used to take care of the whole system is available in the market with the name of Raxco PerfectTools. It provides so many facilities that make sure that you will be able to perform different operations like system cleanup, defrag, files recovery and hardware tweaking. In the breathtaking app of Raxco PerfectTools, you have the choice of paying only for those tools which you require and want to utilize for the betterment of your system.

It is perfectly compatible with all Microsoft Windows editions and offers smarter optimization for all the disk drives having any format like FAT or NTFS. Perfect Disk has the flexibility in scheduling as you can run it only for one-time, on daily basis, weekly or may be in idle or in screensaver mode.

30 – nCleaner


nCleaner is an exclusive, advance and magnificent software cleaner with more than 90 cleaning objects which include Tweak Manager, Junk Finder, Free Space Shredder, Registry Cleaner, System Adviser, Advanced Startup Manager, System Resource Monitor and Advanced Scheduling and much more. Due to advanced technology and highly recognition algorithm, this tool has the best cleaning ratio as compare to the former available apps which also provides stability and security amongst other apps available in the market.

This superb app automatically removes junks, cookies and temporary files of nearly every browser. It also handles and sustains all kind of instant messaging software such as Skype, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and office apps and other system files.

31 – Unlocker


Are you fed-up of such an irritating communication and exasperating messages received from Windows? You are now able to get the solution that is given by the Unlocker which will never make you annoyed with a message like “Cannot Delete File or Access is denied”. Unlocker breaks every restriction applied by windows to any file and makes you unable to edit, delete or use that file. Sometimes you receive message that source file is in use or the destination of the source file cannot be accessed or the file is being used by another user or program or make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and Unlocker will help you to access the file easily.

32 – Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar Cleaner

As every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows that toolbars are not so much liked and preferred in any web browser at the present time but some of the toolbars are really very constructive as these facilitate you to work within the little time. Toolbar Cleaner declares to execute more than 1 million toolbars applications and browser assistant entity uninstall per month. Sometimes when you are installing software, different toolbars automatically installed on web-browsers and these toolbars are the source of irritation, so this outstanding toolbar helps you to get rid of these extra toolbars. This stunning cleaner is very much capable to remove toolbars from internet browsers and also can remove windows startup items.

33 – Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is an amazing all-in-one utilities container to obtain the best using experience while utilizing the computer with the latest and advance tool which that makes you able to make your system very fast, consistent and more safe and secure as compare to the previous times. This pot of marvelous tools include outstanding apps such as inbuilt driver updater, encryption and undelete tools which the other utility providing apps missing.

This is a most powerful, comprehensive and smartest system boost up tool ever including Smart PC Care, Disk Defrag, Game Optimizer, Driver Updater and Undelete to recover accidently deleted data having a great compatibility with the Windows in both 32 and 64 bit.

34 – Fat32Formatter 1.0

Fat32Formatter 1.0

Do you want to format you disk drive to FAT32 file system while your hard drive’s capacity is larger than 32 GB? Fat32Formatter is a freeware and a great way out to this headache. It effortlessly formats disk drives to FAT32 format going beyond the operating system restrictions implemented by the Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista. It has a very flat and instructive user interface that any one is able to utilize it easily and understand it comfortable. With the help of this exciting app you, can delete or create a partition and you don’t need to install anything else or the DLL file for the basic reason that its operations are so simple and understandable.

35 – ZipGenius


Compression of larger size files or data with very special features is the uniqueness of ZipGenius app. It has all the characteristics of the entire other compression software with exceptional attributes that others don’t have in them. It can handle various archive formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, 7-zip, SQX, ACE, and ARC and is capable of decompress or read CD \ DVD images in ISO formats. Through this mind blowing app, you can provide more security to your archives by the valuable means of encryption rather than the typical zip passwords. You have also got the ability to send email via built-in email client and with the help of FTPGenius you can publish your archives directly on the web in addition.


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