Top 10 ideas to make your Photography look Amazing

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Getting photos is the latest epidemic. Everywhere people are seen taking pictures and with the best effort to make these pictures look good, people find ways to get the best pictures. There are a lot of photography ideas by which you can get the best photos and enjoy looking at these pictures later.

1. Look the subject in the eye

Look the subject in the eye

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For getting a better picture you have to look the subject in the eye. Whichever angle you chose to take pictures from can be suited the best. The entire perspective needs to look good and for that you can easily look in the eye of the subject and get the best picture.

2. Plain background

Photo with Plain background

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A picture with a plain background focuses deeply on the main course of the picture. This way the picture looks good and is more focus oriented. You can look straight at the subject and the picture turns out to be really attractive.

3. Play with the eyes

Play with the eyes

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It is not always important to take pictures in which you’re looking right in the camera. Play with the eyes a little. You can capture a good picture when the eyes are looking elsewhere and this can be an amazing photography lesson for you.

4. Turn flash on

Turn Camera flash on

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When you’re taking pictures outdoor, turn the flash on. Sun light often ruins the subject of the picture but if flash is turned on it gives you the right focus on the subject and the picture looks good.

5. Look at the frame

Look at the frame

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When capturing a picture you can set two subjects. This way you can create two perspectives and attractions of the picture. You can let the subject focus on something and this can give you a really attractive image. For example a baby looking at a ball can give the picture a new meaning. The picture can turn out to be more attractive than before.

6. Move it from the middle

Move it from the middle

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Old pictures used to be interesting when the subject was surrounded by a lot of things. The main theme of the picture used to be that the subject has to stay in the middle. Today the subject being in the middle is considered boring. You can get a better picture by moving the subject from the middle to either side of the frame.

7. Focus

Camera Focus

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You need to focus on the subject in order to get a good picture. This requires a lot of focus and you can get a good picture by simply getting the right focus.

8. Direct the picture

Direct the picture

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Don’t just watch someone pose when you’re taking their picture. Direct them to pose the way you want the picture to be. This can help you in directing a good picture and you can see which angle gives better image since you’re holding the camera.

9. Let the subject relax

Let the subject relax

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Sometimes taking posed pictures can get boring and not attractive. You can let the subject look elsewhere and do their random and capture the image.

10. Take a series of shots

Don’t just take one picture at a time. Take a series of shots and see which picture is better. In this way you can select from a variety and see how this turns out to be.

Take a series of shots

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