What you should know about Parallax scrolling

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Web designers constantly need something new for their creations, in order to impress their audience. In case you are stuck and you can’t find something innovating, you should hear more about Parallax scrolling. This has recently become a great trend in the world of web design and as a result it could be exactly what you require. The following paragraphs will let you know more about this web design trend, so that you would know exactly what to do, in order to apply this on your web page.

1. What does Parallax scrolling mean?

To begin with, people should know that this is not a recent concept. On the contrary, it has been used for years in classic video games and lately it has become a fashionable design. Moreover, until the responsive design era, it was seen as an error and as an unaesthetic effect. If you are curious to know what this could do for you, then you should know that this is used in web design, to create a feeling of intensity, with its multiple backgrounds moving at different speeds. In fact this use is quite normal, if one would take into consideration the fact that the Greek term parallaxis stands for alteration.  To be more precise, these websites could leave the impression that they have multiple layers which move independently. As a result, one could end up with a web page which when scrolled could have the right half going up while the other part moving down.

2. Parallax scrolling – vertical and horizontal

In order to understand how this concept works you should know that this technique will let you scroll web pages both horizontally and vertically. Thus you can forget about discovering various websites through menus or static links, because now they will reveal themselves to you with the help of the mouse wheel or by clicking certain buttons. To be more precise, this means that you will go from page to page by clicking buttons and by scrolling. Moreover, you should know that although this is not easy to achieve, CSS3 makes this effect somehow simpler to create. You will have all your content placed on the same page and you will scroll it with the help of a CSS3 transition.

As you can see, this is an innovative technique that changes the way websites are manipulated. However, it does have certain disadvantages. For instance, it could cause the page to load slowly, which is definitely a huge inconvenience for the user. Also, if it is overdone it could distract people and thus it could make it a tad difficult for them to achieve their tasks. Therefore, web designers should pay attention, because if this effect is misused it could bring disadvantages to the user experience.

3. 9 examples of websites

You must certainly be curious to learn more about the beauty of Parallax scrolling and as a result in what is to come, you will get to see how web designers have inserted this technique in their creations.

1. fk-agency


Therefore, if you have a look at fk-agency.com you will see that the means through which you will get from one page to another will be by clicking a button strategically placed in the middle at the bottom of the page. Anyway this is cool and easy and besides that it moves fast, which means that your time will not be wasted.

2. drugtreatment


Further on, drugtreatment.com offers a solution to people’s addictions through a really neat manner. This website makes use of the horizontal parallax scrolling effect and it lets people go from one piece of information to another by clicking on the arrows inserted on the page (the one pointing right will let you go forward, while the other one pointing left will allow you to go back).

3. globaltv.com/bombgirls/


Something that will truly impress you is globaltv.com/bombgirls/. This web page will let you learn more about these TV series and will let you go behind the scenes by using their horizontal and vertical scrolling. So, this is another website that does a terrific job at mixing these two effects. Besides that, they inform their viewers that they will have to scroll through their page, to get all the information. Well, this is something you could use too, since this will help you introduce your audience to your parallax scrolling design.

4. ascensionlatorre


In case the theme of your business deals with something elegant and chic, then you should   definitely get inspired from ascensionlatorre.com. Once again you will find both the horizontal and vertical scrolling mixed up together. However, in this particular case they have also decided to combine the mouse wheel and buttons, in order to let the readers access their pieces of information easier.

5. michelbergerbooze


A website containing great parallax scrolling effects is michelbergerbooze.com. However, web designers will have to take care, because overcharging their creations with too many effects could be dangerous.

6. bagigia


Another website that will surely please you is bagigia.com. If you will pay this page a visit you will notice that every single effect deals with the website’s “centerpiece”: their unique bag. Thus, if you would like to put your product in the center of attention you should definitely inspire from their example.

Other amazing scrolling effects could be seen on krystalrae.com, ala.ch and annasafroncik.it too. Although these three websites deal with different issues you could definitely get some helpful ideas from these places. Therefore, if you are in doubt and you don’t know what to choose, you should have a look at these ten websites presenting Parallax scrolling.

7. Parallax and responsive design

When a website has a responsive design it means that it can be displayed both on a PC and on a mobile phone without problems. As a result, it goes without saying that thanks to such designs there is no need for web designers to create mobile versions of their web pages. Taking these facts into consideration it is understandable why people would like to display their parallax effects on responsive designs. Well, this is possible, too, because there are numerous responsive parallax themes.

8. Conclusions

To conclude, one should definitely go for such designs when creating his or her website. As you can see this is something cool, effective, innovating and this could definitely help people express the main idea of their online businesses. Daniel Pintilie blogs on a number of subjects, especially conversion rate and landing pages optimization. His articles have been published in many blogs and publications.


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