What Challenges Developers Face While Design Mobile App Privacy

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Android, iPhone and iPad have given rise to a new industry, producing applications for mobile devices. Mobile apps have varying uses for the person, specific being helping one find way out, enabling them to check out list of Restaurants and Hotels etc. Ever wondered how these apps have grown so personal so that one may even start identifying with these. If the question of your privacy infringement too strikes your mind while sharing some information for applicability of these apps, you need to read further.

Data Collection

Of the apps that you might be using, the accomplishment of any task can be ensured in case you provide personal information including contact information, name and passwords at times. Some mobile apps also collect record of users location. In some case, it has been seen that mobile app designers collect information more than what is desired for the successful running of the app. Has it ever occurred to you, that such information can be misused. The privacy aspects of these mobile apps have received little attention and though some mobile apps adhere to privacy policies, the same cannot be said about all the apps that are available. A survey was conducted for over 100 mobile apps and it came out with interesting assumptions. Over 39 of these left sensitive information open in the public preview.

What Challenges Developers Face While Design Mobile App Privacy

Mobile App Data Collection

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Sensitive data on these apps was available in the plain text format. Email attachments were also available on others. This leaves a scope for improvement as the information can land up in wrong hands. Better privacy practices need to be incorporated to save the users from a potential fraud. This is a big challenge for the app designers though the same can be tackled by encrypting the users name or the password.

Things Mobile App Developer Need to do

As a mobile app developer, one may be unaware of the fact that certain laws apply to the customer data that has been collected. As an app developer, to deal with any such eventuality the app developers should be devoting efforts towards raising awareness level on laws and legal risks that come along with such app privacy issues.
You might be surprised to know that even some well-informed app developers face problems, when it comes to formulating a privacy policy that is visible on the small screen of your mobile device.

What Challenges Developers Face While Design Mobile App Privacy

Things Mobile App Developer Need to do

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Though it might be a challenging task for the app developers but if one is able to come up with any such innovation, things will become easier to manage.
A solution needs to be found to the problem and if app developers are able to work out on this aspect of privacy policy matters of the app, things will get pretty easy for everyone, not to forget the app developers. Welcome news tough is that some privacy firms who work on policy matters for app development are currently engaged in developing easy to use methods that app users can try.

The Location Issue

The use of location data from various mobile devices remains a controversial and sensitive issue. The scenario which is prevalent in current times is that heightened uncertainty prevails on how often and when apps intend to use location data and disclose the same to any other third party. The good news however is that legislation has been introduced in the senate, if one talks about United States. This when approved will require the businesses to obtain users consent before they collect any information about the person through the app. The proposed legislation might not become a law but will pave the way for strict adherence to privacy norms, especially when it comes to collecting third party information through the data that already exists on various mobile apps.

Mobile app designers have found a solution to these problems. As a mobile app user, you might have come across apps that ask you give your consent before the information gets shared. The good news however is that most mobile app designers are going in for this standard practice. In case you are not a part of this bandwagon, the need of the hour is to consider going in for the same. In case you have a business operation, you need to contemplate the urge of going in for location based data. Consider the assumption on how better to balance the user’s privacy interests and incorporate the same in the business you are doing. Any app that comes out while meeting the suggestions and solutions rose above will be a model for a uniform privacy policy, when it comes to app development and usage.

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