Tricks for Crafting a Sellable Website

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Developing websites can be a very profitable business venture, but with hundreds, if not thousands of sellers already on the market, the tricky part is making sure that what you do is actually going to get the attention that it deserves. Businesses that might be interested in purchasing a website have a couple options. They could choose to put together their own websites for just a couple hundred dollars and get everything that they want. Or they could choose to purchase a site that has already been built to promote one of their products. The prices on these kinds of websites range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Obviously, if you’re in the business of selling websites, your goal is to get as many sales as you can that are in the thousand dollar range. However, here are some tricks for crafting a website that will sell for the big bucks.

It’s Not About the Look

One of the biggest mistakes that you see in the website reseller programs is an emphasis on the appearance of the website. While the appearance is important to some extent, most of your buyers are actually more interested in the content of the website. Design and graphics can be tweaked, but producing sufficient levels of quality content on a website requires significant time and investment, particularly if they want that content search engine optimized.

Tricks for Crafting a Sellable Website

According to Nick Usborne’s “Money Making Websites,” the key is to make sure that each website has a minimum of 30 pages of individual and quality content. The quality content makes all the difference, and the number of the pages allows the Google and other search engine algorithms to rank the site higher based on its merits. Repeat visits and the number of times a page is shared are also great ways to increase the perceived quality of the content.

The Keywords Do Matter

Search engine optimization runs on the keywords and key phrases that you target. When you’re trying to sell your website, you need to make sure that you provide the seller with information on what keywords and key phrases you optimized it for. To really create value here, try to choose different keywords for each page, though each keyword or key phrase should be somehow related to the primary theme or focus of the website.

Choosing different keywords and phrases for each page is not as difficult as it sounds. The Google algorithms consider “cat” to be different from “cats” and “money” to be different from “monies.” To get started, choose your base keywords and key phrases and then break it out from there. Find as many combinations as you can. Also focus on the organic search terms that the average consumer is going to use. Once you tag into this vein of inspiration, you start adding enormous value to your website. You will still have to demonstrate that you have targeted those words and that you have also done it in a successful manner. Sometimes this information is eases when kept in a basic data or spreadsheet.


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