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It’s very important to manage every in a proper manner but before you start anything, first you need better knowledge about it like if you’re a blogger like me, you have to update your blog according to your visitor behavior like you use analytics to acquire statistics about your website but all analytic services don’t show comprehensive detail about the site such as Google Analytic. Of course, Google Analytic is an excellent service out there, it provide detailed statistics about your website but not inch-by-inch and if you want to know to view real-time analytics along with the behavior of your visitors, look no further, head over to SeeVolution because it can give what you need with no trouble.

SeeVolution is one of best real-time analytic service that lets you view statistics in different levels, it’s extremely easy to use and the interface is very simple. SeeVolution is like a hidden gem, it was founded back in 2010 with just a few deals but now it offers a lot of useful features with impressive deals. It can tell almost everything about your visitors like from where they, which element they like most, what keywords people use for your site, how they use your website (how they move their mouse pointer and where they click) and more.

As I said above SeeVolution is eye tracking analytics, it provides the detail on current time like how many visitors are currently on your website even how many are on specific page. You can say that SeeVolution shows statistics of your blog up to minute with visitors’ actions, let’s talk about some main features.

Impressive Features

Impressive Features

SeeVolution offers some creative tricks to view statistics, one of best feature is heatmaps. Not a while ago SeeVolution introduced heatmaps and this is what I like SeeVolution. When you log in to your account, it will add a new toolbar at the top of page that contains various heatmap options such as “click heatmap”, “scroll heatmap”, “live click heatmap” and mouse movement heatmap. All of them are pretty useful like when you use “click heatmap”, it opens a transparent view of your website design with points, each point does a different job for different elements. Other allow you to view how people scroll on your site, where they click and where their mouse pointer move on the page. As I said above it offers real-time analytic, you can track the behaviors of your visitors according to the time.

Why You Should Try SeeVolution

Why You Should Try SeeVolution

There are dozens of reasons to try SeeVolution, of course features that I’ve mentioned and easy-to-understand interface are first but it also offers impressive deals. There are different packages to use SeeVolution service along with a free trial of two weeks such as professional package, premium package and light package. The professional package lets you view statistics of 25 domains with 60 days history and 3000 visitors’ detail. This package cost you $149, on the other hand premium package cost you $49 and light package cost you $29. However the premium package offers detail of 1000 visitors and light package offers the detail for 300 visitors.

In The End

Heatmaps and low-budget package force me to use the SeeVolution analytic service, in the end I’d like to say that if you’re looking for a better service to view real-time statistics result about your websites, must give it a try because it offers what you want. Happy analyticing!


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