Using Fonts from the Internet is Important

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Imagine there is a time when you have free time, and are looking around on the Internet for something interesting to buy or a trying to find information on a topic you want to research. The web pages you visit could be varied, from blogs with lots of posts to a storefront with strictly product descriptions and a checkout process. No matter what type of page you are visiting, what is one thing in common that keeps you interested and reading more? The interesting design of the page and the contents. One element of the design that is often overlooked but should be paid careful attention to is the font. Fonts can set a mood and completely make a webpage appealing to the visitors.

Where to Look for Fonts

To get more of a selection of fonts to use when creating your own web pages, look to sites on the Internet. There are two kinds of sites where the fonts can be taken from: sites where the font is downloaded for free and those where you need to pay to be a member in order to receive the font. Use caution when downloading from a free site because there might be a catch to them. A toolbar or some other tracking device might be installed along with the font design you are downloading. Sites where there is a membership required don’t have the advertising or the extras added on, they simply offer the creative font.

Focus on the Design

Fonts can add to the theme of a page by their shape, color or design. The letters can coincide with a holiday, one of the four seasons, an animal, a shape, a TV theme or just about anything else you can imagine. A web development company knows that just one boring font used on the page is just that – boring. There is a place for using easy to read and boring font types and then there are places where larger sizes, bright colors and even designs will keep the page lively and draw people in because of the way the page looks and feels. Titles and headings on pages can be large font or even scripts that are typically too hard to read in sentence or paragraph form. Play with the font itself to make a shape or design.

Downloading and Installing Fonts

Macs and Windows will have different instructions to follow specifically, but downloading a font is fairly easy. Follow the instructions on the page and right click or download the font file as instructed. Once the desired fonts are downloaded, you will need to go in to your computer files and open and save them to the hard drive in order for them to be used on your system. The fonts should also be available to use in programs such as Word and Publisher if the fonts are installed correctly. Deleting the fonts if they are no longer needed is simply a matter of placing them in the recycle bin and emptying.


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