Recruiting with Social Media

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Many business owners utilize social media recruitment to employ new hires. This may include linking company websites to social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook to streamline the hiring process. Businesses may give applicants the opportunity to link their online social media accounts, including resume to the application. This can have many benefits for both the employer and the potential hire.

Social recruitment makes it easier for more people to apply for the position which means more choices for the employers. The positions themselves are also more visible to the applicants making the brand more accessible to the average consumer. Social media is more cost effective as well. Using an online profile for consideration in the hiring process can even be free to business owners as opposed to taking out individual advertisements in newspapers or on online job engines.

Road Blocks for Social Recruitment

Road Blocks for Social Recruitment

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There are challenges facing social recruiters as well. Many applicants have become accustomed to the online world of social media recruitment and have expertly tailored their profiles to reflect an ideal candidate when that may not actually be the case.  Where several in person interviews can give the employer a better impression of how a potential employee might perform in a potential position the online profile does not necessarily paint a clear picture of the full potential of the individual. Candidates that may be a better fit could be screened out in the process.  Another obstacle is the potential for prejudice.  It may be easier for a recruiter to overlook an applicant based on personal bias due to any number of items listed on their application.  It is important that recruiters be cognizant of these issues when making their selections.

Social Recruitment Aids

Social Recruitment Aids

Many businesses also employ the use of applicant tracking to organize their applications.  This includes the online application interface which records the applicants’ answers to questions, as well as where they post their text resume and cover letter.  Recruiters can then keep track of how many people have applied to each position, who has interviewed in person and who is most appropriate for each position.  Some applicant tracking programs include email programs which notify recruiters at different levels when each applicant has been approved. This enhances communication amongst recruiters. Other programs assist businesses with letters of hire.


It is important for job applicants to remember that whenever online, whether posting a resume in LinkedIn to posting something on Facebook or Twitter to always be professional.  Businesses everywhere will often look up a profile before an applicant even offers their own link on an application. Keeping profiles up to date is important as well.  Make certain to include qualities about yourself that will stand out to the employer.  Now that you are moving forward into an online social presence it will most certainly be helpful to stay connected to those in your social network who might hear about job open postings.  Although there are some setbacks to social media recruitment many businesses are pulling ahead full force with this modern method of job recruitment.


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