Online Social Media to Play a Key Role in Covering London Olympics 2012

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More than half of our world’s population is already glued to online social media sites. Be it anything, if you want to reach the masses, it has to be through online social media. Now, the world’s foremost sports competition is just round the corner and the countdown has already begun. And, undoubtedly, the battle for Olympic sponsorship brands has also already begun. Apart from paying heavily for the official rights to the five rings, Olympic G­­­­­ames’ sponsors, and partners will have to spend even more on marketing to gain full benefit from their participation. In the eyes of sponsors, social media sites are like golden goose that could lay golden eggs, but their rate of success also depends on their social brand power.

With the launch of Olympic Athletes’ online hub, not only you can follow thousands of athletes using social media sites, but also earn rewards for just participating in the online community. Additionally, the online hub has competitions like mimicking an athlete’s photo and tweeting it. This shows that social media is to play a vital role in the coming Olympics. This is quite agreeable as the evolution of Olympic coverage started with print, which allowed people to follow games through newspaper, then came the television with live broadcast, and now, Olympic online hub allows people to interact directly with athletes.

Online Social Media to Play a Key Role in Covering London Olympics 2012

Any Olympic infographics will show you that people who continue to follow Olympics through television continues to increase and the same goes with social media sites as well. Now, Facebook has 800 million users, which is 8 times as it was 4 years ago, and Twitter has 120 million users, which is almost 20 times as it was 4 years ago. This time, social media sites have become prominent because fans are provided with more attractive options than ever before. The attractive options that help to narrow the divide between fans and athletes include real time text chat between athletes and fans inside the Olympic village, share results with fans, engage them, and more.

Additionally, some of the notable Olympians like Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, Yelena IsinBaeva, and others, already have strong social media presence with millions of followers and fans. Sponsors could easily tap these millions of followers to make their marketing campaign even more successful. Probably, this is why 2012 Olympics is called as the first social games, as this is the first time ever fans will get a chance to closely follow their favorite Olympians.

Online Social Media to Play a Key Role in Covering London Olympics 2012

With just a little more to go for the opening of London 2012 Olympics games, attention is increasingly turning towards social media sites. However, Olympics organizing committee has also come up with a detailed social media policy for athletes’ on what they can do during their stay in the Olympic village. The advertising rules have been made stricter for athletes’ by banning all non-sponsor endorsements. Additionally, athletes’ are prohibited from uploading video or audio that would contravene any sponsors or broadcasters’ rights.

Social media sites have jelled well with the public by allowing people to seamlessly interact with one another. With so much of promotions, fans are eagerly waiting to interact with athletes, but let us hope that the stricter rules laid Olympic committee shouldn’t dampen the spirits of fans.

Online Social Media to Play a Key Role in Covering London Olympics 2012

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