Negative impacts of social media on sales target

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Social media has made it easy for businesses to market and sell their products online and win the heart of the customers. It is the modern tool for businesses who try every means to spread their message out to their target customers. While social media can have positive impact on business brand recognition and sales, social media- if used incorrectly- can also have negative effects which can be very dangerous to the same business online.

One negative tweet or a bad comment on social media channels can cause a great loss to your business. For instance, a negative comment on Facebook or Twitter reaches fifty people. Of these, forty people will avoid buying anything from the company that has bad reputation.

So what happens to your sales target? Following are some of the negative consequences of social media on your sales target.

Complaints made easy

Social media has become a great platform for customers to complain about a product. Not everyone will bother to lodge a complaint face-to-face with a company. Also those who never bothered about complaining directly will start using the social channels to do so. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube have given opportunities to people to voice their opinions.

Product Complaints made easy on social media

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It’s just made easy to get our negative feedback out there through a tweet or status update. As mobile users are increasing every day, it’s easy for them to access the internet frequently.

For example before the evolution of social media, if you were not satisfied with a service offered at a restaurant you would just not visit the place again, but now you can post the comments right from the table at the restaurant.

Time consuming

Social Media Time consuming

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Social media account is easy to setup, but managing it every day is a time investment and this is the reason that many small businesses do not opt for social media. To reap the benefits of social media you need to spend at least 6-8 hours a week. If a company isn’t tweeting regularly or not responding to the comments their clients and followers leave, then a consumer may get confused if they will be really treated as good as your client’s social media is. A successful social media campaign is used to establish relationship between a company and its customers.

Need for quicker response

A customer who has a bad experience with your product can use social media to voice his / her negative opinion towards your organization that other people can see and often such messages cannot be controlled. The speed of social channels does not give you enough time to plan out and post a proper response. A team must be dedicated to take care of such things.

Release of confidential information

Release of confidential information on Social Media

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Even a small blunder made on social media platforms is hard to set it right. Notifications and statements once released are circulated in a fraction of second. Employees of a company may accidentally release its confidential information. Previously, a letter posted to a wrong address or even an email that landed up in the wrong inbox could be retrieved and the information was kept safe. But now, with the rise of social media, once confidential information is released, it’s no more a secret.

Worker productivity

Social media not only engage your customers but also the employees of your company. Recent studies have reported that the social media has a negative effect on the workers’ productivity. Some companies block social media for their employees. This makes the employees angry and they may use it outside to spoil the company’s reputation.

Measuring results

Measuring Social Media results

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When a company implements an email marketing program such as MailChimp, the company can easily track the number of emails sent to the customers, how many read the mail and the number of sales generated. But this is not possible with social media, so companies need to think if it’s worth it to spend time and dedicate a team for this. Entrepreneurs who seek instant marketing results may realize that if they implement social media strategy, it would be difficult for them to track results until a few months later.

Unauthorized employee speaking on company’s behalf

Unauthorized employee speaking on company’s behalf

It’s hard for companies to track the social media activity of their employees and prevent them from speaking on behalf of the company. Unless you have entrusted this work to someone, employees have the freedom to publish negative reviews that are not always controlled. For example every tweet on twitter is public and you cannot remove them. Negative comments can go viral as fast as positive comments and can cause a great damage to your business.

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