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Our life is temporary and we always to make it better than before because basically man is inclined towards happiness for this purpose one can make lots of effort in his life. William Shakespeare was a well known writer and he has divided man’s life into seven stages here I’d like to discuss on because it’s also a part of today’s topic. First of all a child born and in this form he cannot do anything except weeping in arms of nurse and it’s the first stage of man’s life. After that he become a big child who goes to school unwillingly to have his school bag on his shoulder and it’s the second stage of man’s life after that he become teen ager and also fall in love with someone. Now he become a young man and have beard on his face like a leopard and join the army it’s the fourth stage of man’s life after this he become a judge and after this stage he become a young man become an old man and also use spectacles on his nose and also like to wear lose clothes. And in the end man become very old man and also loses all his senses and after that he leaves this world.

That’s a life of man how it starts and how ends in the eyes of William Shakespeare, and today I also have tried to share my ideas about life that how one can spend his life with pleasure and prosperity. It’s not hard for you because if you’ll make balance in each and every life then you can easily spend an exemplary life and also become immortal in the eyes of others. This life has lots of importance and we also need to perform all the duties in well manners, if you are in this world then you also have some responsibilities on your shoulders.

When you are bachelor

When you are bachelor

In every part of your life you have to perform your responsibilities so, if you are spending a life as a bachelor (15- 25) you have to do some very important work that you have to do the effort for your golden future. In this age period you have to concentrate on your studies because you’ll come forward just due to your studies and also play games in this age because games will provide you physical strength to your body, for this purpose you can pay 10 to 15 % time on your game and other time you should give attention to on your studies.

In this time period you should become a professional in any field which you like to select for your better future. Here I’d like to say that there is a strong statistical correlation among living in a wealthy democracy and higher life satisfaction, this is often not an element of happiness that people can easily transform. So, that’s why I am saying that you should choose such a profession which you like very much.

After Marriage

After Marriage

Now you become a fully responsible person and you have to face the ups and downs in your life, because in lots of matters life take the exams from almost each and every person, you just need to show your patience in the every department of your life. Because after marriage man has to face many responsibilities in the life most of the people thought that married people are generally more contented than single people. It’s a wrong notion because it is not obvious that being a married one can become happier or being happier makes you more likely to get married.

A married person has to face more ups and downs than a bachelor because marriage is just a way to show up strongly as one of the ways to happiness. If you want to spend a happy life with full of prosperity then you should make justice with your wife and if are married and living in a combined family then you should also make justice between your wife and your parents as well.

Deal with your Children

Deal with your Children

After marriage now you are a father of some children, now you also have the responsibilities of the children at your shoulders. Now it’s your duty that you have to provide all the necessary things to your children because it’s their right and your duty. If you want to see the secure future of your children then you should also see the management of their education and provide them a good educational environment and being a good father you should also make a good attitude and behavior of your children. Now it’s up to you that how you make it possible for them you should also admit them I a good school as you was expected in your childhood.

If you want to know all about your child then you should also spend time with him and develop a good interaction with him. In this way you can easily grow a good behavior with your children and when they become young they look like your expectations.


It’s a simple way to spend a life with full of pleasure and prosperity in this article I just divide man’s life into 3 three parts that is before marriage, after marriage and after children. If you’ll spend these 3 parts in well manners then you can also spend the whole life successful, here I’d like to say that moving to a better environment is not one of the ways to happiness because you should also develop happy thoughts and activities in your life and also try to get rich social network of good relationships.


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