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There are two best things about a logo design. One, it is often the first thing that gets your message across to your client or customer, and two; it does so in shortest possible time. A logo may seem like a pretty small element, however, it is the most used piece of branding for every business. The objective of this article is not to highlight the importance of a logo. This post however introduces a new custom logo design service that helps you to get a professional logo designed effortlessly and in shortest time possible. A service which I have used multiple times when it comes to logo design is 48Hourslogo.

About 48Hourslogo

About 48Hourslogo

Although 48Hourslogo is already quite popular when it comes to having and online solution for logo design, however, to those who don’t know about this wonderful venture, here are some basic information. After an extensive experience in the area of marketing and designing, a few brilliant freelance designers came together to form a proper platform to make a difference in the area of logo designing. Since its beginning to the very day, 48Hourslogo has developed hundreds of professional logos of different companies, businesses and organizations that have been well-appreciated not only by these companies and business, but by their respective clientele and customers as well. All of these logos have been developed and delivered to the clients in shortest possible time.

Logo Design Process at 48Hourslogo

Logo Design Process at 48Hourslogo

48Hourslogo not only stands out in the uniqueness of their work and creativity in logo designing, but they are different from the rest of mob in terms of their logo design process. 48Hourslogo works in a way that when a client comes to this online service to get a logo developed, they are required to initiate a logo design contest with merely $29 and provide the designers at the panel with the creative brief, and that’s it! As soon as the contest starts the many brilliant minds in the designers’ panel engage in a healthy competition to develop the best logo for your company. This process takes not more than a few hours and soon you get a good number of logo designs to choose from. You choose the one logo that suits your needs the best, pay the rest of the amount for logo design and instantly get all the usable files of the logo.

What makes 48Hourslogo the best?

Even though I have already said quite enough, still if you want to get more convinced, here are some features of 48Hourslogo to look forward to:

  • The team of logo designers is highly professional with vast industry experience
  • The senior logo designers monitor each and every design project as if their own
  • Format of logo is of utmost importance as all the logos are made in EPS format to be scalable to any size
  • Rapid response is what 48Hourslogo is proud of. Unlike other design agencies where they take ages to even provide the first draft of log, 48Hourslogo provides you the first concept within a few hours of your contest initiation.
  • The logo design process is open and transparent. The clients have the liberty to give their feedback on the logo and the designers respond to their feedback accordingly.

To Wrap Up

48Hourslogo is one of the few very best solutions to get a perfect and professional logo design for your company. It is also the quickest online logo design service one can ever find over the Internet. If this is not convincing enough, take a trip to 48Hourslogo.com and see the difference for yourself.


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