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The life of a modern man is pretty easy because we have lots of facilities in our daily routine life and using these facilities we can manage your life in our desired manners. Here I’d like to say that we got all facilities after a long time period, I’ve remember that when I saw the Mobile Phone that was almost of 2 KG but now we can see lots of invention and innovation in the field of mobiles and Android (OS) is also one of them. Basically Android is an operating system for the mobile devices presented by Google, we known as smartphones in which this OS is running. However it’s not the part of my today topic I just make you realize about the progress of technology and how we are spending easy life using these facilities. It’s also a fact that now people have lots of ways to earn the suitable money every month as compare to the man of ancient times.

Same like that blogging is also one of them, basically a blog is also a king of website that doesn’t stands for a specific company products, it’s a place to share the personal ideas, tips and tricks and lots of more. Usually there are two main categories of blogs 1st is tech blogs and 2nd is design blog, as you can make a idea by the name that tech blogs are related with the product of technology and design blog are related with the product of designs. With this fame of blogging today I have decided to share some personal ideas with you because I am also a blogger and I have a user experience you can say that today I am going to give a perfect dosage of blogging for the new comers.

On that time when I have started this work I have no sufficient knowledge about this field because it was a new field for me, and by the time I become skilled at this field. I have seen that People are continuously sharing lengthy tips and tricks for the blogging but today I’ll just share with you 3 ways for a successful blog. These are the basics ways as I have told you above that the below tips are just for the new bloggers but if the old one will also use the below tips they can also make their blog successful.

The Design of your Blog

The Design of your Blog

It’s the first main thing before you get started blogging, the design is the most important because the design of your blog is representative, and if you’ll have a nice and attractive design of your blog visitor will come again and again. There are many things included in the design of your blog and the main your Menu Bar is also one of them. Before you get started your blogging you should make sure to the designer about the menu bar of the design according to your product.

If you are going to start a design blog or a tech blog then you should provide him all the menu items, your easy to understand menu bar is helpful for your visitors. Because if you have a simple and easy to understand menu bar your visitor can easily get his desired things, not only menu bar the whole designs of your blog should be eye-catching and easy to use.

The Content of your Website

The Content of your Website

After the design of your blog now content of your website has also lots of importance because that is just a content which is useful for your visitor. Content of your blog also plays an important role for the SEO (search engine optimization) if you have a good and quality content then your blog will also show results again and again in the search engine. But keep in mind that the content of your blog should be fully relevant according to the topic of your post and according to the type of your blog and don’t use COPY & PASTE method at any cost.

For this purpose you can get the services of professional writers who will help you to write the quality content for your blog, if you’ll pay a reasonable amount for the writers they will also work honestly with you.

Stay Connected with your Visitors

Stay Connected with your Visitors

If you want to have good reputation of your blog then you should always stay connected with your visitors because it’s also important for a successful blog. Its most important thing specially for the tech blogs because I also have an experience to work with tech blogs most of the time people leave questions on the tech blogs, you should give the answer at the time of all their questions.

People also leave questions on the designs blog but it’s not happening often, in this way you can stay connected with your visitors and if you’ll stay connected with your visitors, they also come again and again on your blog.

In the End

So, in the end we can say that blogging is a new way to earn the money and it’s not hard as people thought, and it’s also open ways for to ear income for many fields. Like designers, writer, and developers are also able to earn the suitable amount of money each month. If you’ll follow the above tips and tricks you can easily earn a suitable amount from your blog, especially the new comers, if you like this effort then leave your comments below.


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    June 5, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Informative blog. Design of blog and content of blog are very important. of the quality of blog is good, it attracts more number of visitors.

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