Fresh Free UI Kits 2015 – Download Source Files


In today’s grouping, we have assembled crisp and astounding free ui kits 2015. Web creators invested heaps of time in making false ups of pages, in which they need to utilize Free PSD UI Kits over and over. Are you Looking to make your web configuration handle speedier? These sets of PSD and vectors of UI Kits ought to help you.

Most likely every web architect has spent numerous unlimited hours taunting up website pages. What’s more thusly every architect ought to have a decent set of reusable and uniform Web UI components. They can depend upon to spare them valuable time and extra cerebral pains when they are in the starting phases of a web venture. These are extraordinary for conveying early mockups and thoughts, In any case when now is the right time for those thoughts to make the bounce from paper to the PC screen? It’s useful to have a library of UI components available to you

55 Arrows Icons


The mighty archers at Vecteezy hit the bull’s-eye 55 times in a row with this amazingly useful freebie: Arrows Icons. And I’m talking about sharp, mellow, thin, thick, curved arrows pointing in all directions and with any consistency you desire. If I’m not mistaken, the backgrounds come in (almost) all the colours of the rainbow and you just want to click or blindingly follow them.

This collection of icons includes a PNG file for your web designs, AI formats, EPS files. The ZIP file can be downloaded for free HERE. Good to know: the set is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Don’t forget to review its terms before use and credit “” as the original designer

Free Books for Designers, Developers and Photographers


Technology trends changes on every next day and professional need complete updating with that! Though they don’t have enough time to go institutes for learning yet they can upgrade their skills through ebooks. Ebooks are an online book that is in access to everyone. One will be enough lucky if he gets Free books for designers, developers and photographers.

If you are looking to gain some experience in design or need to learn the latest coding style or want to keep updated with Photography then you can get easily with books. Free book are the way to stay updated with the latest news and other featuring services and changes occurring in the society. Web designers learn the next flourishing on the web designing; developers come to know the latest backend techniques used for website.

To that end, I have collected some fully informative and highly dynamic and fully informative Free books for designers, developers and photographers, some of them are available in multiple formats so one can easily read them on the format on your laptop, tablet or Smartphone

Freebies – 20 Download Free Opencart Extensions and Modules


Technology is changing day-by-day; OpebCart is leading open-source ecommerce platform. The purpose of its crafting is to support online merchants. This is simple to use and easy to understand comprising packed features. One of the most significant aspects of shopping cart is that one can connect with millions of different modules to site to provide additional functionality. OpenCart is an inspiring ecommerce platform with millions of attractive free and premium modules and extensions. Download Free Opencart extensions and modules that are free and greatly customizable.

Users can increase the chances of gaining more customers by sharing testimonials from people who are contented with products. In these days, OpenCart is built with mySQL and PHP. Here we have unfolded a list of extensions to tailor opencart site. There are various extensions to increase user cart’s functionality, so you can promote your social networking through Free Opencart Extensions and Modules

Freebies – 35 Fabulous Business Card Mockups


In the business world of today, the utilization of the attention grabbing business cards is at the top and thus in the same reference, I would like to show you the 35 Fabulous Business Card Mockups free of charge. Use these card mockups to make your own business card.

It is a matter of open actuality that the Business activities which you are able to observe at the present time have crossed the limited boundaries of the local districts of the globe that lead to the cut throat competitions among the business bodies of every corner of the world. . So it is the demand of the day that the directors of the companies have to employ a large number of resources in order to make known their names and to give the intro of their business body.

Although there are a large number of ways are available to you for this intention, but among all of them, the utilization of the creative business cards is very common. They provide the brief but comprehensive info about the business as well as the intro of the giver’s person to the receiver of the card. The business cards usually contain the address, official and the contact numbers of the card giver, fax, e-mail id or the name of the website along with the logo of the business body.

So in this context, I like to show you remarkable business card source files in this roundup. Utilize them with full confidence as they are very new and stylish

Free PSD Source Files Can help your next Year 2014 Designs


The great royalty Free PSD Source Files Can help your next Year 2014 Designs are offered to you in this roundup in which I have added 50 cool PSD source files. This is the amazing PSD set are useful and very new in the market.

It is a matter of fact that in the world of design, the value of Adobe Photoshop is at the top in this techno world. If you are a pro designer then you must well familiar that the functionality of Photoshop is wonderful particularly in the case when your valuable task has the jobs of pic control, image enrichment, photo management & giving some type of effect in it. If you utilize this superb software, you will come to know that the basic extension of Photoshop files is PSD that is usually used by the creative designers to save the Photoshop files. It is utilized in the web development projects very frequently as well because of the amazing functionality of PSD. It is the major reason that the use of this design tool is going to be increased at every moment passing and the pro designers looking for its source files too.

So in this context, here I wish to present you a set of royalty Free PSD Source Files with the aid of this article in which you will get the exclusive 50 source files. You can utilize them with full confidence as they are very fresh and modish

40 Free PSD Website Templates of 2014

Freebies, Templates

The great royalty free PSD Website Templates of 2014 are offered to you in this roundup in which I have added 40 cool web templates. This is the remarkable PSD set which allows you to download website template for free.

You know that in the world of design, the value of Adobe Photoshop is at the top these days. The functionality of Photoshop is amazing, especially in the case when your valuable project has the tasks of image editing, photo enhancement, pic management & giving some kind of effect in it. The basic extension of Photoshop files is PSD which is commonly used by the creative designers to save the Photoshop files. Due to the wonderful functionality of PSD, it is used in the web development jobs very frequently as well. This is the main cause that at the present time, the pro web developers are in a need of some sort of free PSD website templates all the time. This cool design tool makes the developers able to complete their plans just the way they like for which they do not in a need of spending a single penny either.

In the similar context, I wish to present you the 40 free PSD website templates with the aid of this article. When you check all of them, you will be amazed to know that they are very stylish and pleasing to the eye. Thus, you can utilize them in order to develop your web based task as they have the up to date trend too

Christmas Freebies – Cool Christmas Fonts and Icons as Bundle Pack


You will disclose the terrific Christmas Freebies set in this article in which I have added Cool Christmas Fonts and Icons as Bundle Pack. These fonts and icons are no doubt very new and able to cover all your demands.

It is a matter of open reality that every creative designer is in a need of some kinds of elite fonts & icons all the time which they can employ easily in order to complete their valuable design project just the way they like. It is due to the fact that the art of typography & icons are the outstanding design tools that can be utilized easily in lots of design based projects easily & effectively. This is the chief cause that you are able to see the utilization of exclusive fonts and high quality icons everywhere especially in the immense universe of the internet. Christmas is coming in a few days so the demand of the Christmas inspired fonts & icons are on the top these days. But before you employ any Christmas fonts or icon, you must confirm that it should be unique, eye catching and very new in the market in order to complete your valuable Christmas project in an exclusive manner.

So here I come up with the set of best Christmas Fonts and Icons in this roundup which is very new in the market and high quality in nature. These are the free design resources that will furnish your Christmas project just according to your dream

35 Most Creative Free HTML5 Responsive Themes

Freebies, HTML5

A handy HTML5 theme will supplement and increase the item existence in the marketplace. It will give the designs a recognized position among several other similar theme designer ideas. That is why we have highlighted the creativeness of the brand, which can increase the overall website theme appearance extremely. The responsive is an amazing technique to come up with modern ideas. It requires the involvement of very creative and amazing minds in its existence and appeal, so it will not be a trial to make professional themes from the vast collection.

In fact, it is a smart concept to apply the ideas into creative concepts. Below is the collection of some of the most amazing free html5 theme collections to have a motivation from for all your requirements. These ideas can be utilized for several varied industries, based on the concepts and requirements an individual wants to incorporate into his abilities

Retro Fonts – Develop your Self in the Field of Designing

Fonts, Freebies

The fashion to write on the piece of papers is now going to be obsolete by the passing of time and the era of virtual writings that can be written on any electronic devices just like notebooks, tablets and computers with the help of their input tools such as the keypad is the input device of mobiles is every increasing with the advancement of modern technology. The creative designers, artistic writers and even a common person are always in the desire of getting some spicy font that can be utilized in his virtual writings. The word of font is refer to a written pattern or creative design that have the ability to change any written material into a stylish written model in which everything written will be same in size and dimensions and the management that is one of its kinds which is made up of each & every symbol, all the dingbats and the whole set of letterings that is used collectively for the creating of stylish and charming piece of writing format that is useful for the presenter as well as the viewer.

The art of typography is only secluded to the electronic data only and it is utilized in each and every virtual piece of writings such as all the web pages displayed on the vast world of internet and it is a matter of fact that even a single page is made through the utilization of numerous fonts. Charming and wonderful typesets is the demand of every graphic and web designer for the completion of their precious and valuable tasks and even a layman is in the need of creative fonts for the making of his written material stylish, easily readable, and fully understandable to achieve the target of getting the attention of the user in a very initial glance.

This is the prime purpose that every graphic designer is eager to acquire brand and attention grabbing fonts in a simple approach. In the same scenario, I like to share my own collection of the lovely fonts for the key objective of helping the new comer web designer along with professional designers with delight as a Valentine gift for the running season of love with the name of Retro fonts – Develop Yourself in the field of Designing. The Latin prefix Retro means anything that is used in the near past and it is almost 15 to 20 years ago furthermore they become out fashioned and the utilization of them is obsolete in this day and age.

A large number of modern era writings are using Retro typesets and this fabulous collection will assist you in your professional designing jobs in an uncomplicated and comfortable way because these eye catching fonts are developed and published by a panel consist of professional designers and Photoshop specialists to provide you a useful and quality product to make your assignment valuable in the eye of the user. Prepare your tasks with the help of these useful Retro fonts and show them to your professional community and friends to share these astonishing fonts with them in addition